Friday, June 20, 2014


So it's been a week since we first heard about the three boys kidnapped on their way home from yeshiva for Shabbat.

Three 16 year old children - taken, grabbed, scared, not able to be home for Shabbat with their families.

Everyone's heart was broken, is broken, until we hear good news.

As parents, we can't even let our minds roam to what these six parents must be thinking and feeling.  It's so unimaginable that our minds don't let us go there.

But then there comes the reaction - what I've been calling (to myself) the "together."

A divided Jewish nation, often ranting and raving at each other for whatever reason, suddenly becomes one. These boys are our boys, our children, our babies, and we cry our hearts out with worry and fear.  What is happening to them?  Are they scared? Hurt?  Are they at least together?

We gather, big black hats next to no hats, long skirts next to shorts and tank tops, to pray, to hold each other, to give each other strength and hope.

Every picture of a tefila gathering tears at us - why can't we always be like this? Helping, unified, all with one purpose in mind?  Why do we keep finding ways to argue and one-up each other?  What's that all about?

Every time (unfortunately there have been a lot of them) something like this happens, our reaction is always to be together, give each other strength, and show those who are suffering that we are with them. We suddenly become blind to what the person next to us is wearing, what is on their head, where they go (or do not go) to pray.

I'm not naive, I know we're going to go back to the "apart" soon enough.  But that hurts, and it hurts deep inside of me.  Because I hate what is going on with those adorable young boys but I love that as a people we can put everything aside and embrace each other.

Our people has suffered so much, so deeply, and unfortunately we have shown the world how to deal with tragedy and keep going.  But we were also created to show the world how to love and care with every part of our soul..

מי כעמך ישראל