Friday, January 8, 2016

Four Years...

This week we celebrated our fourth year as Israelis.

These are things that I've gotten used to saying over the past four years:


  • I do not understand a word of what you just said
  • Oh, please pull in front of me without signalling, and while you're at it, honk at me. Several times. For no reason.
  • I love how you parked on the sidewalk, it's so cool.
  • Hi - the grocery has no eggs.  Or potatoes.
  • Oh, it is going to be yellow outside today.
  • Keep the trisim down, it is April.  We will open them again in November.
  • It is colder inside this apartment than it is outside.
  • No, I do not want the bargain you are offering at the checkout.
  • No, really I don't need after-shave.  Even two bottles.
  • All clothing here is at least twice as expensive as in the US. Whatever.
  • No, I don't know why more Americans don't move to Israel, yes it is their home too
  • Yes, I do understand why you cannot make aliyah at this time in your life
  • I still don't understand a word of what you just said
  • So I have to take this strep stick, go to the lab, wait in line, give it to them, then wait for the results to show up.  Huh. OK. 

But also this:

  • Wherever I go, my entire health portfolio is available on my phone
  • I can make appointments, change them, see test results and get perscriptions online
  • This country is strikingly, dramatically, beautiful beyond words.
And this:

  • I cannot believe we actually live here
  • It's so cool to be living here
  • We live here!
  • We are home!