Friday, April 4, 2014

What I'm Reading

OK, first of all, I am not saying I'm proud of this, but it is a fact.  I love reading women's magazines, like Good Housekeeping, Women's Day, even (ok, especially) People magazine - you know what I'm talking about.  I mean, I read other stuff too (for example, books), but I do love me a good dumb magazine.

I am not allowed to look at them before the weekend.  I have rules.  When I lived in Baltimore, by Friday afternoon, I'd have a pile of magazines and catalogs (yes, I even like looking at catalogs) to keep me busy.

For me, it's total relaxation. I would rather read about the problems of rich movie stars than think about my own, and I love reading stories about people who overcome adversity and push through, whether or not it's true.

But - there is one downside to aliyah.  You can't get those magazines here in Israel. Now you feel sorry for me, right?  I can feel you feeling my pain, so thanks.

Sometimes friends/family bring magazines here for us from America and it is like the whole neighborhood celebrates - it's reason for a kiddush, I tell you. "The Leibtags have five issues of Good Housekeeping!  Get the herring!"

When one walks into the home of a friend, and sees one of these magazines in said friend's home, one's eyes focus laser-like on the magazine until said friend agrees to share.

Because, like I said, you can't get those magazines here. Well, that's not completely true.  You can get some magazines, depending on which day/hour/minute you visit the bookstores.

Today I found the following:
  • A February issue of People for about $7
  • A January issue of Style Watch for about $10
  • A February issue of "O" for about $12

Yes, those prices are real.

And, um, I MAY have purchased one.  Or two. Or all of them.

I once purchased an InStyle that cost me almost $20.  But it was for Chag!  Special!

Gotta go.  My neighbors saw me walk in the with the magazines and I have to hide them for a few days.