Monday, April 9, 2012

Pesach Review

One seder - here's why I like it -
1. You put all of your energy into the seder, and don't think, "Well, tomorrow night I'll be less tired/ have more to say/stay up longer."
2.  When it's over you feel a little sad becuase it's a whole year untl the next one.  I don't know about you (especially the women), but after the first seder I always said to myself, "Oy I have to do this again tomorrow night....:"

Kids and grandkids nearby.
Leezy & famiily are camping out with me this week.  This is super fun.  I get to watch the little guys do their cute/fighting/talking/singing/giggling acts, I get to cook for my kids again (yes, I said that and yes I meant it).  With Gila & co. living downstairs, the cousins are having a blast running up and downstairs to see each other and hanging out on the mirpeset throwing things up / down, not to mention the sisters loving being able to d the same.

Chol Hamoed:
Nice that there is an extra day.  Amazing that the entire country is on vacation and everywhere you read about parks,, malls, museums, factories, you name it having special Pesach events - many for free.

The entire country is decorated for Pesach/Yom Haatzmaut.  In Modiin every intersection is decorated with lights, streamers and flags in anticipation of Yom Haatzmaut.  The city does this before Pesach to celebrate the chag and to get everyone geared up for YH.

I know it's spring in many places in the world, but after the dreary, cold, bone-chilling rains of an Israeli winter (everything here is made of stone so cold is much colder and I'm not just kvetching, it's true), the warm sun and warm breezes are beautiful.  Soon enough this will turn into unbearable heat, but for now it's nice.

Israelis love flowers - and Modiin is a very nature-happy town (we will even have to start separating our garbage into wet and dry garbage in the next few months - eww).  It's very big on flowers so every corner has a gorgeous display of all types of colorful flowers.

Still an issue - so much has kitniyot - you have to look at each and every package - even packages of hamburger patties, hot dogs, etc.  But somehow, we are managing not to starve.  That last sentence was sarcasm.

All in all, it's beautiful, and I feel very blessed to be experiencing my first Pesach as an Israeli.

We were here last year for Pesach, but this year I don't have to leave.  

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  1. One seder is totally awesome!
    Modiin is so beautiful, it was great being there this week. And the rest of the country too. This is really the most wonderful time of the year. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect week to be on vacation.
    The packaged stuff with kitniyot is a pain, but how cool are the KFP non kitniyot restaurants and ice cream stores?? :)
    Chag Sameach!