Friday, December 28, 2012

Driving - I Figured it Out

After driving here every day for nearly a year, I have figured something out.   I'm sure that traffic specialists all over the world will be calling me to offer congratulations.

It's the army training.

They all think they are driving tanks.

That has to be it, it makes so much sense!

In a tank:
1. You need to take up many parking spaces, because one is certainly not enough.

2. You need to drive on both sides of the street, because one lane is certainly not enough.

3. You don't need to yield to ANYONE, because that would mean your ultimate defeat in battle.

4. Re #3 above you are ALWAYS in a battle.

5. If the person in front of you is not moving fast enough, it might mean your ultimate demise, so you need to hurry them on by honking at them.  I don't know if tanks have horns, but I will find out.

6. You can park at any angle you want, because after all this is war and you are in a hurry to defeat the enemy.

7. Re #6 above, the enemy is everyone else on the road.

Glad I figured that out.  Now all I have to do is go get some tank training. 

Please send my research prize in cash.


  1. Loved this blog and I could swear some of your drivers took a wrong turn and somehow ended up at the Gucci Giant in Pikesville!
    Keep them coming - they really make my day!