Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gas Masks and Cooking and Shopping Stories

Well, the title just about says it all. 

We are in two mindsets here in Israel - one part of us (well, OK, one part of ME) keeps listening for sirens to go off and wondering how I would actually live in our mamad (safe room) for 3 days if I had to. Regarding the latter, my thoughts run to things like bathroom needs, cleanliness (yes, they are related, I know), food, water, boredom, fear.

So back to the war.  Yes, it is scary.  But somehow not as scary as being in the US.  I guess because it's our country, with our soldiers and our unique brand of chutzpah that makes me feel OK.  Whatever happens happens, but if God forbid something does happen to me here, at least it happens for a purpose, for my country and for my people. That gives me a sense of purpose I never had before.  Don't get me wrong, I think America is great, but when as a Jew you live here, you realize what it means to belong, really belong, to the country and everything in it.  Can't explain it any other way.

The second part of me is enjoying preparing for Rosh Hashanah.  Although I haven't been much of a cook and nothing of a baker since we arrived, I dug in and made challah this year for the first time in a very long time.  It felt right and it was fun.  The problem?  Very few people in Israel have freezers aside from the ones on the top or bottom or side of their fridges, so freezer space is at a premium.  I used to cook and bake away and freeze everything, and now we have to invoke the strategic talents of a army general to figure out how much we can freeze and what has to be made in the last day or two.

Ordering online: As usual, my pre-chag shopping included some amusing Hebrew-related mishaps.  For one thing, I started ordering online.  Nice, right?  Well, nice if you can do the whole thing in Hebrew and know how to measure things in kilos.  Which resulted in me getting way too many pomelos and lemons and not enough carrots. 

Chicken: Also, a nice lady from the store called and asked me a question.  It took me 3 sentences to realize she said the name of the store.  Then she asked me another question and the only thing I understood was "of" (chicken).  I had ordered chicken!  Yes!  We are talking about the same thing!  So then she asked me a veryquickhebrewquestionthatIcouldnotunderstand.  So I gave her my one size fits all response "Ken." (yes).  I figured, what could go wrong with chicken?  As it turns out, they gave me one package of chicken instead of two.  Did they bill me for two?  Who knows?  Do you think I can understand the receipt? 

Flour:  I knew I needed the flour in the clear plastic bag.  I found it - indeed it said it was pre-sifted!  Yay, that's what I was looking for! I bought 3 bags!  Then I came home!  And guess what?  I had purchased.....Rye Flour!  Darn.  Do you think I am going to go back and exchange it?   hahaha!  That would involve speaking complicated Hebrew sentences!  No No!  I simply went to another store and bought more flour!  Because (say it with me) - I   am    a   wimp.

So that's it.  K'tiva v'chatima tova to all of you and yours.  And if you have any regular old white presifted flour, could you send it over?

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