Monday, March 5, 2012

Sometimes the Blogs Just Write Themselves

You may recall that our plumbing fixture story has not yet ended.  

While most of our fixtures have arrived and are installed we still await one showerhead and one soap dispenser (for the kitchen - the soap dispenser, not the showerhead, in case you were worried about our bathing habits).

A few weeks ago, my heroic daughter and husband actually went to the plumbing supply warehouse to demand our supplies since she had almost no fixtures and was about to move in.  They were successful - ALMOST all of the fixtures were delivered.

Today my daughter called excitedly, "Your showerhead and saboniya [soap dispenser] are on their way upstairs - go tot the door!"  And sure enough there was a knock on my door and there was Mr. Chief Plumbing Guy with his trusty assistants, Mr.1 and Mr 2, and in their hands were my showerhead and soap dispenser!  They could not fathom why I did a little jig when I saw that, but let's just add that to the things that they think are weird about Americans. (For example when we moved in the movers chastised me for having "big American furniture - we are a small country, we need only small things.")

So after the jig was over I led them to the master bathroom to install our showerhead.  

Wait for it. This is when the blog wrote itself.

"Ayfo ha z'roah?" asks helper #1.  "Ayn z'roah??" asks Chief Plumbing Guy?  "Ayn," says #1.  Now I have been in Ullpan for 3 weeks and in Israel for 2 months, so I understood that something was missing.  See when someone says "Ayfo"  (Where is) and someone else says "Ayn" (There isn't) you know you have a problem.

Uh oh.  

So CPG (figure it out people) looks at me and shrugs his shoulders.  "Ayn z'roah."  

I am now thinking of the word z'roah and wondering if showerhead installation in Israel may be connected with the seder plate. 

I quickly figure out that the "z'roah" is the arm-like pipe which comes out of the wall onto which one affixes the showerhead.  

"Look," CPG says, looking at me, "I deliver to you what I have.  When the z'roah arrives, we will install the showerhead."  BTW, he said this in Hebrew and I understood completely! 

This is when I start laughing.  He looks at me.  I can't help it, the whole thing is so comical between the connection to Pesach, the showerhead that will never be, and the constant frustrations, the only thing to do is laugh.

So I am assuming that I will never have a showerhead in my master bathroom.  I'm thinking of turning it into a small home office or renting it out.  Interested?

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