Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lift Off

Olim, here is what happens when you return to your country of origin for a few weeks and live in the apartment you vacated and thought you emptied out only 8 months ago.

You realize that you did not empty it out.

And then you realize that you really do have to empty it out.

You see, when we left in January, we were completely overwhelmed with what we were about to do.  So when it came to those last few "things" in the rental apartment that we were keeping for the forseeable future, we thought, "Oh, we don't have to worry about that!  That will stay in the rental apartment and then....."  But we never really completed that thought.  We were so relieved not to have to get rid of every single item, that we blissfully left.

Fast forward to August 2012 - we arrived in our rental apartment and you know what?  It's kind of not empty.  

Not only is there stuff there, but once we arrived, we "needed" to order things to take back with us - well, I did anyway.  Let's just say that every day a package arrived from some online store with treats for me.  It made me happy.  So now we have new clothes, shoes, some books, and of course Bacon Bits to shlep back with us.

The list of what to take back grew.  And grew.  Then my very smart husband made a very smart phone call to the company that sent our lift in December.  And guess what?  For a (not unreasonable) fee they were happy to offer us 100 square feet of lift space! 

Well, now, that's a whole different kettle o' fish.

Then we started to take a second look around.  I mean, 100 square feet is a lot!  So now we decided to take the artwork we thought we'd have to leave behind.

So aside from the six (count 'em) suitcases we are taking with us on the plane, we are also sending stuff in this mini lift.  I can't wait to go to the port to sign for it, that was such a lovely experience last January.

One thing I can guarantee you - when the stuff arrives in Israel we will be scratching our heads wondering why in heaven's name we felt it was necessary to send some of the items. 

So, lift #2 is being packed today, the Salvation Army is coming on Friday, our car is being shipped to our nephew Ari sometime in the next few days, to live out its happy life in Las Vegas (it's probably so excited, I mean really compare Baltimore to Las Vegas, wouldn't you be excited?), and various friends and relatives are on call to come by and pick up pieces of furniture.

This time feels more permanent because there are no immediate plans to return to Baltimore.  The goodbyes seem more teary.  Also, the fact that we are not total wrecks knowing about all of the aliyah stuff facing us allows us to concentrate more on the people.

Am I excited to return to Israel?  You betcha.  It's home, in a deeper and more real way than I could have ever imagined. Am I sad to leave Baltimore?  Well, not the city really, but the people, for sure.  All I can hope is that I see them soon, over there...