Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello! Yoo hoo! Pesach boxes! What's Up?

I visited my boxes of Pesach stuff yesterday.  They live in my machsan (storage room). In the back.  Waaaaaaay back.  Behind the boxes of books we don't have room for.  They seem pretty happy there, at least they haven't complained to me.

See, apartments in Israel are generally pretty small and have zero storage.  For some reason, Israelis (and I think this is also a European thing) do not believe in closets.  I cannot understand this.  So homes and apartments are built without any storage and then you have to go and build closets.  We have not done this yet. So our machsan is full.  And this is after mega-purging before aliyah.    After living in a home and condo with huge storage (our house had a basement which was just really a large storage closet), this is an interesting adjustment.

When we moved in, it was last January (2012).  I asked the movers (because I am sooooo smart) to put the boxes labeled "Pesach" in the apartment, not in the machsan.  Then came the time for us to open all of our boxes and find room for stuff. The Pesach boxes were in the way.  We decided to (DUN DUN DUN) put them in the machsan.


So there I was before Purim thinking, "Huh. I should get those boxes out of the machsan."  Went down to find that somehow, someone (I'm not naming names here) stuck those boxes back in the corner and HIS SEFORIM were now the items closer to the front (again, not naming names).

Well, comes January again and I say, "Let's go down and bring up the Pesach boxes."  Seforim guy comes back up with the news that the boxes are so stuffed behind so much other stuff that getting them would require a front-end loader.  Then we thought we'd ask our son in law Donny to help.  Then Donny developed a bad back (which I'm SURE had nothing to do with being asked to move the boxes).  There goes that idea.

So once again this year I wave to my Pesach boxes and try to figure out Pesach menus which do not require pots and pans. 

Our plan for this year is to get to the Pesach boxes by NEXT year as follows:

1. Have someone build a bookcase
2. Put the seforim that are now in boxes in the apartment in that bookcase.
3. Bring up some of the seforim from the machsan.
4. Rearrange the machsan (I know, that one makes me laugh too)
5. Make sure the Pesach boxes are easily reachable.

Yeah, sounds good, right.  I'll be in touch next March and let you know how it's going.  More than likely I'll just be buying more plasticware.

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