Sunday, August 11, 2013

Storage Wars

That's it.  I am starting a new protest movement, Closets for Israelis.

I do not know why Israeli apartments are built without any storage whatsoever, but please - people, figure out that we need to put things away and build things in which to put them and don't make us have to buy such things after we move in.

I know, I was spoiled - our last real domicile in Baltimore was a huuuuuuuuge condo that had more storage than we needed, especially after we performed THE GREAT GARDENWICK ROAD PURGE OF 2006 and cleaned out our big house before moving to said condo. ["What IS this?"  "Your college philosophy notes from 1973." "Oh." "Do you want to keep them?" "No, of course not...*sigh*."]

During unpacking after a big move, you always get to the point where there is stuff still unopened, and here is the conversation:
  • What's in there?
  • No idea.
  • Think it's something we need?
  • Nah.
  • Let's leave it in there and if we find out we need it we'll open it.
  • OK!  Wheee!  
  • So let's push that box under that table!  Now we can't see it!
  • Wheeee!

And said box stays under said table for.....a very long time.

I was so happy to have MOST of our stuff unboxed that I decided that I actually LOVED having those random boxes hidden under tables, and had no need to move/open them.

Then they started talking to me.  I am not making this up.
  • Susan, we are still unopened.
  • You cannot live with plastic tubs hidden everywhere, this is not normal, and you know it annoys you.
  • Also, maybe we have something you want
  • In any event, we don't like living this life of uncertainty.
  • Just open us up and decide if we live or die.  We can take it.
Thus began my own personal version of Storage Wars.  Which ended up in our paying a very nice man many, many shekel to build closets for us.  Like every other Israeli.  [Oh, you are wondering about our roomy machsan (storage unit) in the garage?  Hahaha!  That thing is so packed that we haven't found our pesach dishes for two years.  So let's just not go there.]

So some stuff is actually put away.  Some plastic tubs still grace our apartment.  And our bedroom is still the old person's version of a college dorm - knock-down dressers, bathroom rugs on the floor masquerading as "carpet" and an overstuffed walk-in closet.  To think that in Baltimore we had an entire dressing room in our condo.

Well as people say, living here forces into a more simple lifestyle, which isn't so terrible.  And I'm not asking for luxury, really I'm not.  I. Just. Wanted. A. Couple. Of. Closets.

If you want to donate to the cause, please send your tax deductible contributions to ....oh never mind just send me more plastic tubs.

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