Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are You Sure?

Wow, what a story for today.

Actually a couple - it makes up for yesterday's rather blah post.

So here was today's rundown:

1.  Turned on the dud shemesh in the morning and waited 1/2 hour - no hot water.

2.  OK, no problem, decided to do other stuff instead.

3.  Washer/dryer installer comes - yay!

4.  Washer/dryer installer tells us that the washer was delivered broken - no can install.  He takes a picture of the damage and says he is sending a report to the company that ships the item and they will call us. Hmmmm - do you believe that one? 

5.  Back to the dud shemesh - still no hot water 1 hour later.  hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

6.  Carpenter #1 comes to give us an estimate for our closet - stays 5 minutes

7.  Carpenter #2 comes to give us an estimate for our closet - stays 1/2 hour and comes up with some really good ideas.  Guess which one we're hiring?

8.  Tried for hot water again - 2 hours later - nope. Oy.

9.  Call the site foreman and tell him about the dud shemesh.  He says he'll send over the water guy.

10. Water guy comes - it's not his problem, he says, it's the electricity guy.

11. Callt he site foreman and ask him to send the electricity guy over.

12. Electricity guy comes - says it's not his problem, it's the dud manufacturer.

13. In the meantime here come the plumbing supply guys with our vanity and sink!  But no, they don't install, they just deliver!  Now we have 3 MORE huge boxes sitting in our apt.

14.  Realize the vanity that just got delivered comes with a mirror.  We did not know this and already ordered a mirror from someone.  hmmmmmmmmmm.

15. Electrician comes for the dud and says to call the site manager - who also says to call the dud manufacturer.

16.  We call the dud manufacturer and here's where it gets good.  This is the conversation my husband had with the lady on the phone:
  • Husband - We live at 17 Sara Imeinu Street, it's a new building and our dud shemesh is not working.  We were told that you can fix it.
  • Lady - 17 Sara Imeinu?  Let me look it up.  Nope, no such address.  Are you sure?
  • Husband - WE LIVE HERE!
  • Lady - Are you certtain?  perhaps you're confused?  Do you know your address?
  • Husband - WE LIVE HERE!  NOW!
  • [phone hangs up]
       We call back and get it sorted out.  They SAY they are coming tomorrow.

17. In the midst of all of this the electricians (other ones) come to take care of our many electrical needs, which was convenient because they speak English and helped interpret when the Hebrew-speaking electrician for the dud came.

18. They are nice guys and we traded quotes from "Princess Bride" which was fun.

19.  So, to summarize as of today we have electricity and heat, but no hot water and can't do laundry. 

Showers and clean clothes are over-rated anyway, don't you think?

To be continued..............

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  1. I recommend Gila for your clothes washing needs. She took care of us during our aliyah experience of "What do you MEAN the guy who delivers the washer doesn't install it?"