Sunday, February 19, 2012

They're going to take my driver's license away

Ooooh boy.  I am very glad that the Israeli police were not patrolling my neighborhood last night. 

I was in Beit Shemesh for Shabbos and drove home around 7:30.  So far so good.  When I reached my neighborhood, I thought that I should take the road that is closest to my apartment, even though I wasn't quite sure how to do it.  Be brave!  I thought, don't be a wimp!

So here I go, driving happily, and make what I think is the correct left turn.  WRONG.  Turn around, go back and try again.  Make another left turn.  WRONG.  OK, this is just not happening.  Let me go out and make a left and try again.

So I make a left.  Now, I promise you that not a half mile before this intersection, this had been a ONE WAY STREET.  I promise!  Somehow when I made that left and then turned around, the one way street magically became a two way street.  How do I know this, you ask?  Because there I am happily driving in the left lane when I see cars coming right toward me.  "Oh," I say, "this is SO not good."

Apparently, this is indeed now a two way street.  I quickly move over to the right and hope that the mishtarah (police) are not watching. The whole one way/ two way thing here is quite confusing.  Really, it IS confusing, it's not just me.

In other news, today the Minister of Plumbing Fixtures (Ahmed by name, a very dour man but he gets things done) came by to ONCE AGAIN find out which plumbing fixtures we don't have.  He gives me his diary, tells me to write my name and apartment number in it, and take dictation as he spells out for me which things are still missing and which have been supplied.  This is gonna be good - once he sees my appalling Hebrew spelling he'll be laughing his head off.  After I take dictation, i must sign my name that I agree that two plumbing fixtures are indeed - STILL MISSING.  I think I have already signed a similar paper but it doesn't hurt to sign another one.

Also, today we received mirrors, shower doors, and a closet!  We can do so many things now - hang up clothes, look at ourselves, and get clean without spilling water all over the floor!  Yahoo!

Now tomorrow is really going to be thrilling - the washing machine installer is coming and we find out if washing machine #2 is intact or broken.  I know, I can hardly wait either.  I may have to send out a "breaking news" email or something.

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