Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learn to Laugh

That's my advice for people making aliyah - actually that's my advice for anyone doing (almost) anything - learn to laugh about things that go wrong.  I'm very easily amused, and I think most things are pretty funny, so it works for me.

Let's take today, shall we?

There we are in Ulpan shteiging away, learning all about when and how to use the word  על -  it's not so easy, believe me. 

Let's back up a second.  The building we are in is probably about as old as the neighborhood (Maccabim), so let's say 30 years old.  The door to our classroom has not been closing properly, which is a problem on the colder days when the draft from the hallway makes it into our class.  So we keep trying to keep the door closed and the latch does not work.

In addition, the Ulpan Director's office is in a kind of loft attached to our classroom.  HER door either doesen't close or closes but you can't open it.  We have been amused watching various people fight with this door.

So, in summary, let us say that the building is old and there are door problems.

Today, the Fixer Man came to fix things.  He came equipped with his drill.  And he came while we were having class.  And he started to drill.  Loudly.  We all looked at each other, thinking the same thing.  He didn't even interrupt and ask the teacher if it was ok, he just started to drill!  Helloooooo, Mister, there's a class going on here!

Nope, he completely ignored us.  Our teacher did say something to him, but it didn't seem to have any effect.  He kept drilling.  So what did she do?  She spoke louder.  As did we.  But the other reaction we foreigners had was to start to giggle at the absurdity of it.

When Mr. Door Fixer was done working on our door, which didn't seem to have been improved whatsoever due to his ministrations, he went up to Ulpan Director's office and started banging and drilling there.  Well, this is actually INSIDE our classroom. And this task required even more banging than the first one.  The student next to me started really laughing and saying how he loved this aspect of Israel - no formality, just do it.  Most of us were giggling at this point.

I don't know if he actually fixed anything, but it sure was fun watching him. 

And face it - after 3.5 hours of Ulpan, most things seem hysterically funny.

For those of you wondering with bated breath whether I managed to acquire gas using self-serve, you'll have to wait.  Didn't have a chance yet.  That is a nice way of saying that I chickened out.


  1. Hahahaha
    In my office they start mopping the floors at approximately 8:45 AM. Why, yes, that is exactly when everyone starts arriving. Doesn't that seem perfectly logical to you?

  2. or like at 10:30 AM, they close off an aisle in rami levi to clean it. you need something there? you'll have to come back in 10 minutes.