Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dust to Dust to Dust to Dust

I haven't written in a week because I've been lost in a dust storm and haven't been able to find my way out.

The past week in Israel has been, well, murky.  The skies are hazy and people say it is hard to breathe.  Every once in a while a huge wind comes by and scares you. 

And then there's the dirt rain.

I'm not kidding. Literally, on these dusty days it begins to rain and big globs of dirt fall out of the sky onto my mirpeset.  Just mine.  And my newly washed car.

And then there's the house dust.  You sweep the floor one day and the next day you sweep again and literally, I am not kidding, sweep up PILES of dust.  PILES, people, not just little puny lumps.  Every. Single Day.

So now I'm addicted to walking through my apartment looking at the floor, saying things like, "AHA!  I saw you, you little dust bunny, come out from under that desk!  I WILL get you, so don't think you can escape!"  And then I hear myself and get a little scared.

I also walk around daydreaming about sweeping.  Like I see the floor and think, "Oh, wow, later today I'll take my big broom and sweep and for maybe 5 minutes the house will be dust free."   I actually try to remember where I saw the last dust bunny so that when it is sweeping time I can get all of them.  I kind of chase them with a look of semi-madness on my face.

I have already tossed out or given away my carpets.  I mean the thought of how the dust would just dig its little paws into that carpet and hide there from me makes me so glad I gave away those things.

Since the dirt rain a few days ago I've been trying to figure out how to clean the mirpeset which literally went from white to brown.  I just look sadly at my chairs and the tile and wonder how I am going to clean it.  Then last night I thought, "A HOSE!"  So off we went to our favorite home "thingies" store and bought a hose.

Not as simple as it seems.  Brought the house home.  Started to unroll it from its nifty little carrying thing.  And guess what?  It is literally a hose - a piece of hosing with NOTHING on either end.  But they do give you thingies to attach to either end.  With instructions.

After about a half hour I figured I should at least try it to see if it works.  So outside the house and I went, and I managed to attach it to the faucet on the mirpeset.  Turned the water on.  POOM!  The hosing comes off the faucet and shpritzes water all over me.  Great.  Now I am dusty and dirty and muddy.

Well, after a little trial and error we got it to work and now I have a semi-cleaner, kinda better mirpeset.  The funny moment came when I thought I'd also hose off the railings until I caught myself becuase if I did that I would have shpritzed dirty water all over my daughter's clothes drying on the mirpeset below.  Oops. 

We'll talk about the clothes drying on the mirpeset in another blog.  I kind of feel like Aunt Bea hanging up Opie's laundry on the back porch, but all the Israelis do it so I do it too.

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  1. Do they have vacuum cleaners there? Or dust busters?