Monday, May 7, 2012


There are many things one has to get used to when one moves to another country: currency, language, cutural mores, weather, bureaucracy - you get the idea. 

One also has to get used to the food of the new country. 

Now, I've been going food shopping these past three months and trying to learn what equals what - e.g., what is cream cheese? (g'vina shmena - fat cheese - I mean might as well call it what it is), "cottage" = cottage cheese, etc. etc.

There are many things that are hard to find here and one has to just realize that one is not going to have those foods and get on with it.  Hot dogs, for instance.  It is not easy to find beef hot dogs here.  They are called "Amerikayi" = "American" so that is how you identify a beef hot dog.  I know, I know, who needs beef hot dogs anyway, but we kind of like them once in a while and detest detest detest turkey or chicken dogs.

So here comes the preparation and shopping for this week's dinners.  We went to Rami Levi on Sunday afternoon to fill up the shopping cart.  We spent (I am not kidding) 15 minutes studying hot dogs.  Another American couple was doing the same thing and I almost made a funny "hey look at us and how we are trying to find beef hot dogs" comment to become buddy buddy with them, but they looked incredibly serious and I was afraid they'd be offended by my comment.

We finally found hot dogs which were called "Vieners" - ok you can stop laughing now.  But come on, they were not "of" (chicken) or "hodu" (turkey) so it was a good chance they were something else, right?  Maybe even beef!

Then we looked for hamburgers.  I found a package that looked like a package I'd picked up before and it had picutres of hamburgers on it!  They looked beefy!  So I bought them.

Then came the search for baked beans.  Well, I found a can of something called "baked beans in tomato sauce" and the picture on the front LOOKED like the right thing so in the cart it went.


The hamburgers were not beef, and I do not know from what animal they came, but they shall never enter my house again.  They were yellow/grey, greasy, and weird tasting.

The hot dogs were tasteless and had a very frightening consistency.  And then the baked beans. They were beans all right.  And they were kind of cooked.  And the sauce they were swimming in was red.  They tasted like feet.

So we continue to search for good food for dinner.  

I think we'll go out tomorow night.

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  1. So sorry I didn't see you in Ramy Levi this time. I would have warned you off all three of those items. Been there, done that! :-)