Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hebrew, Hose

Today's dialogues:

Window screen man discussion #1:
  • "Keep that window open for 2 hours until the cement dries."
  •  "OK, 200 hours?"
  •  [blank stare]
  •  "Oh, oh, I mean 2 hours?"
  •  "That's what I said."
  Window screen man discussion #2:
  • "I will come back to check the cement."
  • " I have to go out at three ['three' was said incorrectly]"
  • "You have to go out at three ['three' was said correctly]"
Window screen man discussion #3:
  • "Here is your money"
  • "Don't you want your change"
  • "What change?"
  • "You paid me 200 shekel too much."
  • "oh."
Went back to the home supply store yesterday to review the garden hose situation.  We found a simple garden hose with its attachy-thingies attached already, and I asked the nice man if this was appropriate for a mirpeset.  THAT I asked correctly, I think.

He said it was just fine.

Brought it home.  Screwed in nicely to the outdoor faucet.  Turned the water on.  Water comes out, let's say, much less enthusiastically than one would want.  It kind of comes out as big drops. 

Don't know if I have the energy to return this one and start again.  I may just deal with it.

Yesterday we drove to the big Jerusalem Mall - our Waze lady was a big help and we didn't get lost.  She said she knows the way to Efrat, but I'm not sure we can trust her.  I mean I don't really know her that well.  But Waze is very cool - they warned us of a "speed trap" even though it was actually the checkpoint on 443.  But I mean how would they know that? 


  1. At first I read that a little more, well, ghetto, and thought, Wow, Momz, really going in a different direction with the blog.