Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Document 4

Well, folks, today we have the keys to our apartment.  Here's how it went - yesterday the builder guy said we'd "probably" have the keys today.  At this point we were planning to have our stuff delivered tomorrow, Wednesday.

Today we played phone tag with the builder guy until we finally heard that the papers went through (it is literally called "Tofes Arba" - Document 4) and that we were to meet at the apartment to have the final walkthrough and sign the papers, and....get the keys! 

We were jolly and happy until we realized that even though we could bring our "stuff" into the apartment, there would be no electricity until sometime next week. So our stuff could live there but we couldn't. Well, I hope our stuff is happy. It'll probably be partying without us bothering it by sleeping and sitting on it. And I'm sure it'll be very happy to be out of the container which most of it has been living in since sometime in July.

Then we called back the port people who'd been hounding us all day: "Listen, we need to know if we're delivering tomorrow!  If you wait too long you can't have your things and you'll have to pay millions of shekel!"  So we called them and said ok, you can come tomorrow. And they say, "Well, it may be too late - we'll call you back." 

I think I've become the poster girl for "shpilkes."

But they called back and confirmed - delivery tomorrow at 9 am.  And then we informed them, with great nervousness, "Um, the elevator is not working yet."  I was waiting for the Angry Port Lady to respond with screams and threats.  But she said, no problem, as long as it's no more than 2 flights it's fine.  Whew!

So tomorrow is delivery day and Thursday is driving test day.  Is it Shabbos yet? Please?

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  1. Yay, stuff! I have to say, the lift arrival is very comforting. Mazal tov on getting your keys and b'hatzlacha tomorrow and Thursday with the driving test.