Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good Stuff

Well, I figured since I've been kvetching for two weeks it's time for me to think about the good stuff - the things that make you stop and think how great it is to live in Israel.

So here are a few things - I'm sure you've all heard others saying the same things, but now it's my turn:

  • Every government office has a mezuza on its doors
  • Non-religious people say Shabbat Shalom to you on Friday
  • You see highway signs of cities and towns mentioned in Chumash and Navi
  • Listening to my grandchildren speaking beautiful Hebrew like natives
  • You look at the rocky hills and mountains and (I really do this) imagine groups of Jews in ancient times walking there
  • Explaining to someone that you are a new immigrant and that is why your Hebrew isn't good, and having them smile and say "Welcome home!"
  • Having random people like the driving instructor wish you success on your absorption
In addition to the Israel part of all of this, it is so nice being near two of my kids - doing little things like homework together (Ariella and Zeydie are now learning Gemara together, on Ariella's insistence), babysitting after school, etc. 

That's it for now but there's more - we just have to move out of the panic stage to appreciate more of it.


  1. I'm not good about blogging about the many, many wonderful things about living here, but I really try to appreciate these and other moments. When you get a big "Welcome Home" or "Kol Hakavod" from random people who hear you have made aliyah, it makes everything worth it :)

  2. Welcome, Gila's mom. Gila and I became friends on our blogs (mine's on hiatus now) and I kinda feel like I know you. I think you've actually been a source of People and EW mags, and I'm not gonna lie, when she announced your Aliya I wasn't that thrilled about losing my celebrity-gossip source. I came around, though, when she told me about that giant screen TV you were bringing.

    So I just wanted to wish you guys an easy klita. I'm enjoying hearing about it.

    And I think I'll go check out your dieting blog. Tomorrow, when I start my diet.