Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Weeks! & Mr. Shower Door

Well, we've been here two weeks today.

Today we met with Mr. Shower Doors.  You see, our bathrooms do not come with any shower enclosures.  So Mr. Shower Door has to come and measure and ask you what you want.  Fine.  So happens this guy also installs mirrors, which we need in our bathrooms.

It all was going so nicely.  Then, Mr. SD told us that we were facing a catastrophe.  Yes, that is the word he used.  I understood enough of his Hebrew to get that and see the terrified look on his face. It seems that the way we want our mirror, it will cause THE MIRROR TO CRACK!  It will be a catastrophe!

Gila and I tried to calm him down and told him, "Never mind!  Don't worry!" We felt so bad for the guy!

Then, later in the day, we got an email from the Misrad HaKlita.  These are the people who give us money during our first year, just for coming here.  The lady tells us that our bank account number is not working - and we need to send her something that proves we have a bank account, what the number is, and that we have money in it (i.e., the account "works.")

This we figure out too.

And there are continuing tiny issues with the apartment - outlets in the wrong place, things a bit askew, etc. We are now realizing how many millions of details Gila and Donny have been handling for us during the two years of construction - it's pretty amazing and we are very grateful.

So send along your positive vibes, folks - we need to get the keys and have our stuff delivered (still fighting about the port bill as well). 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished apartment, may it be very soon.