Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We get things done

Well, we've been here 7 days.  In that time we've gotten a bank account, signed up for a health plan, started the process of getting a driver's license, received our teudat zehut (Israeli identity card), gotten lost a couple of times, tried unsuccessfully to bank online, even worked a little bit.

I would say we now feel like ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's not that it's overwhelming, it's that your head can't handle it.  Every once in a while I say to myself, "we are NOT on vacation, we are NOT visiting, we LIVE HERE."  And then my head starts thinking about something else becuase it cannot manage that right now.

I mean for 57 years I've basically lived in the same city, speaking English, knowing where things are, getting the lingo, etc.  Now it's all new.  They say that a change like this at this time in your life is a good thing as it strengthens your brain.  So in a few months we'll be able to do research in particle physics.

All in all, we've done OK - tomorrow we do the next step in thd driver's license process, the next day we do something with the Ministry of Absorption, on Sunday we meet with someone who handles olim, and oh I forgot tomorrow we have to get cell phones.

Do I sound confused?  I keep making lists and then changing them, and have taken to using a google calendar to keep track of my life.

Time for sleep.........

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  1. Google calendars rock. And when you get your smartphone, it will sync to it :)