Friday, January 20, 2012

Fridays and CAN I HELP YOU??????

So this is the first Friday that was sort of normal.  When you witness Fridays in Israel you feel like it's an explosion of energy that has been pent up for five days and finally, "YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!"

We went to the mall and were blown away by the sight of hundreds of people walking around (during the rest of the week it's kind of quiet) and in every possible space people were selling cooked food for Shabbos.  In a fancy shmancy downtown mall. 

Then we went to shop. I don't know why (some psychologist could probably answer thsi) but I don't like being harassed by salespeople.  I mean, "don't like" in the way of "it makes me cringe."  Maybe it's that they get into my space, or they assume I don't know that that item I'm holding up is a skirt, and they feel the need to explain that fact to me.

Anyway, the Israeli salespeople seem very much to need to be needed.  Especially the ladies at the makeup counters.

I went into the Mashbir today (think "K Mart") to just find some face powder.  Mine is somewhere, but heck if I can find it.  There must have been 10 salespeople per type of makeup and all of them looked at me like fresh meat - ooooooh, she might buy something!

After 3 of them harassed me I walked out.  I knew that there was a pharmacy in the same mall and thought no one there would bother me because when I was there two days ago the makeup section was empty of helpful people.

So I marched on down to Super Pharm and walked to the aisle with the makeup.  And guess what?  FULL of salesladies.  Apparently they only show up on Fridays, when Israel comes to life as that is its only day to get anything done.  I went from aisle to aisle and everywhere I turned, there was a saleslady asking if she could help me. And "asking" is not exactly what it is.  It's more like demanding that I accept their help.  And they become personally offended if you don't .

It felt like one of those nightmares where you can't get away from the bad guy. 

Anyway, Shabbat Shalom to everyone.....

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  1. I hate those make up ladies who try to sell you make-up that costs about 6000 shekel when you could have bought it for 3 bucks in the states. Hope you find your face powder soon or plan on changing lots more dollars to shek :-)