Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our Stuff Arrives - Inlcuding Our Sewing Machine

Well, like good Israelis we were at our new apartment for the 9:00 arrival of our container.  Which arrived at 11:00.

But not to worry - we are very patient.  It was very comforting to once again see the yellow bashed up container that we last saw on November 29 in Baltimore.  Wow, all our stuff has arrived. It made it through the summer in the warehouse and at the port in Baltimore and across the ocean and at the port in Ashdod and now it's here. 

The mover guys were great - between their Russian and Hebrew and my English and broken Hebrew we made ourselves understood.  I owe a lot to an app I got for my phone which translates what you speak into it (or type into it, but speaking is way cooler).  I found out the Hebrew translation for truck, sofa (it's "sofa"), bookcase, and many other things.  I also realized that if you want something placed "here" you use "po" not "kan."  I also explained how our foam mattress topper goes on top of our foam mattress - they were stymied by that one - they kept looking at each other like, "How much foam does one person need?"

After about 4 hours everything was in the apartment (I mean these guys had to walk everything up two flights of stairs, including a VERY heavy couch, an oven, and a piano), and then they began unwrapping the big stuff, putting things together, etc.  By 5:00 we were done.

It was very comforting to see OUR things in OUR home. Even though it is currently MOSTLY a museum of paper and boxes and tape, some of our stuff did get unwrapped.  I almost wept when I saw my piano which has really been through a lot (mostly neglect from me and the piano tuner).

Oh, and the "sewing machine."  Well, when the nice men packed up our stuff in Baltimore, we were not watching their every move, so one box got packed and labeled "sewing machine."  Now, that's great if we had a sewing machine but we do not.  I am not a sewing person. I will not regale you with my tale of 7th grade Sudbrook Junior High Home Ecnomics class when we had to use a sewing machine to make our own clothes and - are you ready for this one - wear them to school!  Let's just say I would be the last person you'd expect to own more than a random needle and a couple of spools of thread.

When we went to the port, Port Lady interrogated us about said sewing machine which is considered an electrical appliance for which we'd have to be charged customs.  We swore up and down that we don't own a sewing machine, and she was skeptical but in the end she believed us.

So today here comes the box labeled "sewing machine."  But it's under a box which is under a box which is under a box.  When we get to it we'll solve the mystery.

Over the past two days we have also made arrangements for phone, homeowner's insurance, and electricity. 

Tomorow, however (cue the doom and gloom music) is the DRIVING TEST.  Very nervous about that.  We'll let you know what happens.


  1. I love the matching blog! Best of luck to you! Enjoy living near your daughter. You're living my mother's dream.

  2. I can actually feel your relief. So glad you are getting settled. Best of luck on the driving test.