Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Are Closed & the Port Saga Continues

We had a semi-normal day today, considering the fact that we don't have an apartment, are totally in limbo, and are stressed out of our heads about everything.

We worked a bit in the morning and went out for lunch with friends from Baltimore (hahaha, now we are the Israelis who have people visit them, so weird).

Then we went to pick up our dry cleaning.  It was about 2:45 pm.  And - they were closed.  Now OK I understand that this is basically a desert nation and in the spring and summer months it is extremely hot.  And YEARS AGO they used to close up in the middle of the day becasue it was too hot for people to go out and too hot to work.

But, let's think about this.  It is winter, it is cold, rainy, and dreary.  And even in the summer, every place is air conditioned.  So why do some businesses hold onto this old system?  It's fascinating and we keep seeing it everywhere.  I'm sure there are deep cultural reasons, right?

OK, so the port lady has finished fighting with our shipper in the states - and has reduced our astronomical bill which she sent us earlier in the week.  But I still don't trust it.  So I want the guy in the US to confirm that we are being treated fairly.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Nothing comes easy.

Tomorrow we are due to purchase a washer and dryer. And we are still waiting for Driving Instructor Meir to call us back and schedule lessons.  He told me, "You have to be patient in Israel.  Everyone always needs patience - no one has it, but we all need it."

Nuf said.....


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  2. HI Guys. Hope that when you receive this comment Glenda the Good Witch will have swooped down and with a wave of her magic wand fixed everything, 'cause it seems like that is who and what you need to get everything moving.